We take in all horticulture debris - palm fronds, palm trees, limbs, braches, bushes, sod, grass scrapings, brush, roots, stumps, logs, etc.  If it's brown or green and untreated, we take it!.

Yard Green Waste 

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Grapple Services also available .  50 yard claw trucks and 100 yard live bottoms (walking floors)  available to come to you and pick up your yard debris.   To schedule a truck for yard waste pick up, contact us to schedule a pickup.



MW Horticulture Recycling Facility is the premier leader in Organic Compost in Southwest Florida.   We are  a  family owned & operated  DEP licensed horticulture recycling facility with 2 locations  in Lee County.  We have the equipment on site to recycle 100% of the material we take in using state of the art Vermeer trammel screener and  Vermeer horizontal grinder on tracks.  No materials leaves our site without being recycled first.  We don't add any bio solids, manure or pretreated wood  or any other foreign objects to our soil and our compost comes from yard debris only.  Our material has been approved to be used  on Certified Organic Farms.  University of Florida's Soil Testing Laboratory has said that our Nutrient Values are Well Above Average.  Our Compost has high levels of Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnessium and Calcium.  This compost is great for your backyard garden or organic farm.  We are a family run business and  every visit you will meet the staff that keeps our quality high and our customer service superior. 

Benefits of Compost and its Effect on Growing Systems

As more and more compost is produced and utilitzed as the body of end-use related research grows, the benefits of using compost have become more evident and measurable.  Because of its many atributes, compost is extremely versatile and beneficial in many applications.  Compost has the unique ability to improe the properties of soils and growing media physically (structurally), chemically (nutritionally), and bilogically.  Although many equate the benefit of compost to lush green growth, caused by plant-available nitrogen the real benefits of using compost are long-term and related to its content of living -ogranic matter. 

Physical Benefits - Improved Structure - Compost can greatly enhance the physical structure of soil.  Moisture Management - The addition of comost may provide greater drought resistance and more efficient water utilization.  Therfore, the frequency and intensity of irrigation may be reduced.  Recent research aslo suggest that the adition of compost in sandy soils can facilitate moisture dispersion by allowing water to more readily move laterally from it's point of application. 

Chemical Benefits - Modifies and Stabilizes Ph; Increases Cation Exchange Capacity and Provides Nutrients

Biological Benefits - Provides Soil Biota and Suppresses Plant Diseases.

Additional Benefits - Binds Contaminants, Degrades Compounds, Weland Restortion, Erosion Control and Weed Control

Organic Compost Top Soil Mulch

Edible Fruit Trees.  We carry the fruit trees that you can grow in Florida and that come from very reputable growers here in the local marketplace.  


SOUTH FT MYERS - 6250 Thomas Rd, Ft Myers

NORTH FT MYERS - 17610 East St, North Ft Myers 

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Organic Compost, Composted Top Soil, Planting Potting Soil, Screened Top Soil, Screened Fill Dirt & Unscreened Fill Dirt.  No Bio Solids! Horticulture Compost only.  Our compost will help you grow beautiful vegetables, ornamentals, trees, sod or lawn.  It is suitable for variety of uses and applications where compost is needed to increase the nutrients in the soil.  Dump Truck Loads availalbe or by the bag.  

Organic Compost Top Soil Mulch

Mulch - Natural hardwood mulch made from mostly Pine and Oak screened using 2 to 4" screen.

Organic Compost Top Soil Mulch