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Since  mulch, compost and top soil are products that take time to cure and mature the price varies according to season/weather etc..

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MW Horticulture Organic Compost

& Composted TopSoil in Fort Myers

If you are looking for the BEST source of organic compost, at an affordable price, come to MW Horticulture Recycling Facility, Inc.  University of Florida Soil Laboratory says our nutrient values are well above average.  Organic Compost is ideal for vegetable crops, ornamentals, trees, sod or lawn.  This material is the perfect additive to Florida's acidic soils.  It has high levels of Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnessium and Calcium along with other micronutrients. and typically no further fertilizer is required.    

This is an organic compost that was aerobically composted .  We bring the compost up to 120 to 150 degrees over an extended period of time to burn off any pathogens and weed seeds in the material.  We follow the USEPA reg 40 CFR Part 503 for compost.   This is a perfect material for planting vegetables, ornamentals, plants and sod.  UF/IFAS states that most Florida soils benefit from the addition of organic matter, such as compost.  Organic Compost sold by the yard /  bulk or  bag.  This material has been used in Certified Organic Farms and is approved by QCS, OMRI Listed, Compost Certified  and approved by other governing agencies.    

Dont' waste your money on box store brands of lessor nutritive value to your plants.  Our material is 1/10th the cost and is made of local materials and provide higher value as a plant nutrient additive.  

We can load your truck or arrange delivery for minimal fee.  

Sold by the cubic yard or bag.  

Bags are 1 cf.

2 yard minimum by the yard. 

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