acidic soil blend for acidic loving plants
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veggie blend square foot gardening raised bed garden soil

screened topsoil top soil
citrus and fruit tree soil blend for potted plants and trees

us compost council sta compost certified mw horticulture
MW Horticulture Organic Compost Composted TopSoil

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planting potting soil
Nursery soil blend for ornamental potted plants


MW Horticulture has the best top soil prices and compost prices in Fort Myers.  If you need to buy top soil or compost, MW Horticulture is the best option for you.  Since we are the manufacturer and not a middle man, you will save the most money.  

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Tricia H. says "my tomatoes and pepers are thriving in the composted top soil that I purchased last month from you.  I will be a repeat customer!"

Paul J. say's "the quality of the top soil is amazing.  Very pleased with the quality of customer service and product."

Farmer Cesar say's "my cucumber's germinated in 3 days"

Ada P.  is ecstatic over "how green her vegetables are".